Friday 31 January 2020

Leaving on a jet plane...

I'm soon on my travels with my camera and trusty videographer son again and am resisting changing the blog to travels with my tumour...because, although its true thats worse than crap- any suggestions welcomed!

 A year or so ago I rented a room out to Airbnb. I met some remarkable, wonderful people. I'm told it was the description of 'large victorian bohemian flat' that brought them to me - well why not? Ive had many artists, musicians, lecturers from the Royal Academy, well known authors, textile designers, Hollywood film PA's ( with Tom Cruise on their friend list ) not forgetting lawyers, oil rig experts and Spanish deep sea divers. I was actually excited to see who would come next. On one occasion I opened the door to an older couple who were attending a wedding nearby. They were dressed for the occasion, him wearing a linen suit and large red silk cravat and her in royal blue velvet that contrasted stunningly with her long, wild curly white hair. I was captivated by Marias story..

We got talking about the work that I do and I promised to join them on their next trip to India, doubtful that it would happen. Here goes........

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