Sunday 23 October 2016

revisiting the past..

..find myself having to revisit this copy of the first operation notes. I am preparing for a talk, to explain my experiences as a patient with ongoing #sarcoma issues, with #Eisai, a Japanese pharmaceutical company.  It's difficult looking back because even the memory of the strength/non-strength/trauma makes me exhausted. Of course I am amused by the interest I caused the surgeons, having two left ureters...who knew? and as always, one half of my brain thinks in images and the possibility of art to explain the inexplicable.

That was six years ago, and Im really lucky to still be here, having had operation number two that resulted in more removal of more organs...phenomenally lucky also to have had what I consider some of the best surgeons in the world. Of course there is still no cure for #sarcoma and worryingly sparse clues as to the cause. I watch and try to make sense of mind-blowingly complex research into new chemotherapy drugs as I balance my thoughts between the realistic and hopeful.

- this just popped up on my instagram feed from a fellow sarcoma gal who was the recent star of the #sarcomaandyou exhibition...Holly- who is a bit awesome really

and I just found this in the fridge...

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