Tuesday 16 August 2016

Jordan Anderton, 22, fundraising manager, Plymouth

“People should be proud of the scars they wear – no one should ever feel ashamed”

“In 2007, when I was just 14, I had a lump in my knee. I play rugby and am quite sporty, so I just knew something was wrong. Now, I still play rugby, as you can see from the scar on my head in this portrait! However, I have had some muscle cut away from my leg, when surgeons removed the tumour, so I am not quite as strong!

“I try to see the positive in everything. Sarcoma has shaped my life, and my views have changed because of it. I view my life in a very different way now. I am very fortunate compared to others, and now I never fret about the small stuff, what is the point in worrying?

“Sarcoma UK have helped myself and my family hugely on my cancer journey. The wealth of knowledge and information provided us with reassurance about exactly what I was facing.

“I only got into fundraising because of my diagnosis, so it’s strange to think how different my path could have been. I think I probably would have gone into something sport related, so cancer really has shaped my life and career.

“My scar has actually really faded now, but I think sharing these images of people bearing their scars is so important. People should be proud of the scars they wear – no one should ever feel ashamed. Every scar tells a story.”

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