Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Michael Maguire, 31, Learner Information Team for a college, Hornchurch

 “Awareness is so important, as we had no idea what sarcoma was when my mum got diagnosed.”

“Awareness is so important, as we had no idea what sarcoma was when my mum got diagnosed. She was young – only 57 years old – never drank or smoked, it just seems so unfair and cruel.

“Shortly after mum died so suddenly, I got in touch with Sarcoma UK. I felt I needed to get involved in something in some way to make a little more sense of what happened and why. I also wanted to prevent what happened to Mum from happening to anyone else. In the time since then, I’ve benefitted from Sarcoma UK's work and seen how they can help people affected by cancer. I've learned about the importance of research and I know that the donations Sarcoma UK receive will help develop and push research in the direction it needs to go for patients. Because it is research that provides hope. Not just for sarcoma patients and their families and loved ones, but also for those affected by other cancers too.

“My mum and dad are both from Northern Ireland, so I go back there once a year – it helps me feel close to her. This photo of her was taken at my brother’s wedding, it was such a happy day and she was so proud. This photo was also the one used at her funeral.

“My mum was the nicest person, she was quiet and never disagreed with anyone. She made an impression on people without even trying. That feeling of a mother’s love is irreplaceable. She was the one who made our house a home when I was growing up. I used to walk through the door and feel an instant sense of belonging, stability and comfort.”

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