Tuesday, 10 May 2016


chuffed to bits....... in abject terror state, but chuffed to bits nonetheless- I've been asked to join Lindsey Bennister CEO at Sarcoma Uk and Robin Jones from the Royal Marsden Chelsea in a radio interview tomorrow. They want to know my story, about my photography and it will be broadcast far and wide- we hope. To add to my angst, I've had texts about national newspaper interest and recently received a text to say I will be filmed during the interview.  How to put six years of story into a minute and a half and look good at the same time...... It's an incredible story alright, but I still haven't got used to playing the lead role- I could put it in an image?- oh god wish me luck!

The first sarcoma shoot

so......I've been photographing sarcoma survivors, sometimes relatives of those who didn't make it and its been so good, for me, for patients, the bereaved, and to support awareness of this rare cancer, often mis-diagnosed or not diagnosed at all until it really is too late. We aim to unveil the photographs for sarcoma awareness week in the first week of July 16. Here is a shoot I did with Leroy, a fellow compatriot that Sarcoma Uk used for an edition of Connect the Sarcoma magasine- he's in the exhibition too.