Saturday, 30 October 2010

after friday

ok so we spent six hours at the Marsden discussing the next steps- Kings hadn't sent through the scans even though i had them done three weeks ago-tsk. They made a decision there and then to do their own tests and to book me in for the operation on 16th November- going in at 7.30am.

Had to go through the washing machine CT scan again, (supposed to wait a month before having another so i'm probably radioactive....but my laptop seems quicker) more bloods,(strange woman who couldn't bend and caused chaos because one digit on the form was wrong making the whole test invalid until i suggested she change the digit and the other information would be ok??!!) medical history, (I should be a stone and a half lighter after the op) chats with anaesthetist, (there will be tubes coming out of your neck, hands, one going into your stomach and two to three days in intensive care- horror, epidurals and self administered morphine to help with my poetry writing) nurses (screaming male gay- god in heaven its huge my dear!) and of course the wonderful Dirk Strauss and his colleague Andy Hayes who promise to do everything to make it alright...swoon!

Fortunately the visit coincided with a meeting Mr Strauss (or should I call you Dirk?) was attending so i had many specialists viewing the scan and discussing my enormous alien and its complicated location amongst my various organs and arteries. Their attentiveness (three specialists in the consulting room) and informal enthusiasm is really comforting and although the sarcoma i have is in a rare category of less than one percent it is all that they do. They brought me and Jules into the meeting room to view the scan and there were lots looking over our shoulders, sitting on tables nearby discussing the findings-that it was a perfect example and that it may be used in lectures- i may be famous yet! One of my greatest fears was reduced when they told me they were used to removing tumours that where connected to the aorta- and the other one of course- that it had not spread to my lungs or anywhere else- fffffwwwww!

The operation is the only way to deal with the tumour so i wont be having chemo which is a huge relief. On the negative side i will be losing a kidney, my spleen and part of my bowel-ug but hey how thin will i be!! xx

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