Thursday, 28 October 2010


just realised i have to change the time i blog otherwise it makes up its own time- i dunno? spent the day with Taigh and Liz having photographs taken of me- god its the only time i'm getting my flabby belly out and thats only because it's not reflective of my gluttonous-ness (need to learn to spell -am inspector!) and will hopefully be removed soon. anyway my profile photo shows it all. went shopping with marian yesterday so if you come to visit me in hospital i'll be the one in the leopard print fluffy dressing gown and outrageously pink fluffy scarf thing that taigh is trying to steal as its 'awesome'- well it is in Chelsea girls! Off to hold my breath for the next fourteen hours until 9.30 in the morning when i hopefully meet Mr Strauss himself. xxxx


  1. Hey Alison. I am sure Mr Strauss will soon send that Edgar packing once and for all. Will be thinking of you this morning. Hugs. Sheila xxx

  2. Hi Al,
    Outfit sounds great; you must upload a photo. Thinking of you. Brave girl for blogging it. Debsxxx