Monday, 25 October 2010


just been to visit Jean at St Thomas where she has endured a total reconstruction following breast cancer. I felt both honoured and sad when she asked me as a friend to photo document her whole experience. Although i think we may have brought the eleventh floor to a bit of a temporary standstill as she undressed and posed over the London skyline in the interest of art! We began planning the whole project in the Lounge in Brixton with me manouverring about trying to deal with a pain in my side and Jean tucking into a wholesome burger. Two weeks later it appeared that Jean was supporting me and taking photographs of me as part of the whole experience-how weird life is. Added to this, i was about to call the mutual friend who introduced us to tell her about Jean's predicament and had to call her and tell her two stories- she has just flown back to Dublin after a whistle stop frantic visit to us both in different locations- thanks Geraldine.
I feel comforted by an Irishness that i thought i had lost (since the generation that was my childhood experience have all gone) so maybe i've been collecting you all over the years just to keep up the culture. I've also just said goodbye to the Irish parish priest father O'Connor who came and brought mass to me as i haven't made it there too much recently- confession, communion and anointing- comforting if a little (actually a lot) scary.

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