Monday 7 March 2016

11 hour flight

a long recovery, an ill health retirement, head busting pension complications, very easily knackered.... but still alive. The neurosis still appears a month before the four monthly scans, my hate of the machines continues- my life has changed phenomenally.

Last august, due for a scan, I was invited to travel to Johannesburg, South Africa to photograph more of the children who are part of the Children of Fire charity. Bronwen goaded me- she tweeted 'life is short..unpredictable- live it #just saying' - how could I not? and I had wanted to do a trip with my son, just me and him. My consultant encouraged me to go. I'm a bit scared of flying I said, of turbulence that the children had told me about when flying over Africa. He, chuckling,  said I should be a bit scared of the turbulence in the squatter camps instead. I wrote another blog about the trip. It changed both of our lives. We returned to London, I had my scan and it was clear. Bronwen wrote again- '@alisonromanczuk motto is-if u hv scary sarcoma, to get a clear scan, rush to Sth Africa at no notice, volunteer, walk 13 miles #AllClear. It worked.

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