Saturday 5 March 2016

#sarcoma operation #2

 the second operation didn't mirror the first-  it was a different experience. I held it together until the anesthetist sat with us to explain the procedure. He didn't stop explaining and reassuring me until I sobbed-part of a devious plan I thought, to get me ready for having my body taken over again. I then tried to make jokes in the pre-theatre, admiring one anesthetists' orange crocks- there was no magical vial like last time and I think I made the student anesthetist nervous, I was twitchy and ultimately the epidural only half worked. Still, I had more morphine post op this time- what's not to like. I'd always regretted not taking a photograph of my 70 or so staples the last unexpected bonus then, for my portfolio.

.. a neater scar this time.

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