Wednesday, 3 November 2010


these days we are copied into the letters that get passed around the hospitals and GPs about us- which is a good thing- given some of the correspondence i've had recently. The best one had to be from Kings which stated; you did not attend your antenatal checkup- it is advisable to have regular check ups to ensure the health of you and your baby- Edgar would be very disappointed in his host mother! Today i had a letter stating a bed has been booked for the 16th and that i can eat lots of lovely things up to six hours before when in fact its for the 17th and i must starve apart from clear fluids (although not gin i'm told) for 18 hours before i arrive.

The second letter from kings states i had a large intra abdominal mass thought to be a kidney??!!-that i smoke 20 fags a day and over the recommended alcohol limit- think i was just trying to be compliant when i answered their questions that day. It also states the two lumps which are actually one big lump in fact measure 24cm x 21cm- explains why two mushrooms (supposed to be anti cancer) battered in beer (not so good) today made me feel like i was going to keel over there and then. A really good walk over miles of hillside in Surrey made me feel wonderful and normal for a while today and i am blessed with good friends who aren't going to let me wallow for a second ( unless i really need to of course) I look forward to your visit Therese all the way from Galway- I don't think its the a*****le of nowhere at all!

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