Saturday 13 November 2010

sat 13th

fun packed day on friday when one visitor turned into four with a last minute but important dental appointment in the middle which meant i had to leave them all at home entertaining each other and making their own coffee. The dentist, who i recently scowled at after he quoted me some £6000 to fix my teeth was a real sweetie today- the C word does it again i suppose. He gave me a huge inspirational talk about being strong and positive to aid my recovery, telling me all about his success after major stomach operations and that he was back to work after three weeks, making sure he didn't bend over (he's a dentist!!?) He sent me on my way with beautifully cleaned teeth at no charge too which is definitely a first.

Today I find myself strangely at home alone with a very cute dog who has settled down in my space on the sofa- like someone has sent me an excitable and adoring teddy bear who stares at me and wants to be hugged, maybe it was a plan set up by nephew and girlfriend pretending to need a dog sitter for the day. They brought a home made card from roma and limerick from brother in law;

'my sister in law is a mate
who found she was putting on weight
after a spell in the theatre
she felt a lot neater
and came out feeling sexy and great'- well heres hoping dave!

As i sit reading the guardian magazine i'm reminded by Ju that out lives are constantly reflected in this magazine (which clearly feeds into his middle class guardian reader status that he likes to bestow upon us). Today the first article is about Antony Hegarty (an idol of mine from Antony and the Johnsons), the second is about a guy who nearly died eating wild mushrooms (we recently went on a wild mushroom forage in the woods)and the third large article is about a woman who went in for stomach surgery which went wrong and spent the whole time hallucinating on morphine in a pretty bad way. (is there cctv in our house that we don't know about?) As i'm writing this I have a call from my sister who last year had surgery and so i rather jokingly enquire about the effects of morphine, expecting her to tell me of a slightly woozy feeling and she tells me in her matter of fact way, that there was an elephant in the next ward (actually turned out to be a squeeky door) and dolphins swimming about on the hospital floor- oh jesus!

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