Monday, 8 November 2010


busy weekend- made it to the annual Jan and Tony fireworks party and was hugged and kissed to death, so to speak, so lovely to be part of such a strong community- had to leave after an hour as my body doesn't like standing upright or sitting in a chair for too long. Tig stayed for the whole party though and had a great time- apparently only one child melted their coat. Spent sunday in Dulwich village with the family trying to find a table big enough to feed us all (Robert my brother in law is refurbishing the french restaurant next to the greyhound and wanted to tell us all about the guy who is making the oven and who has to be slotted into it like a pizza so he can finish the brickwork).

Ju says he will have to make a rota for all my visitors as they will be queueing down the Fulham Rd- if my stomach doesn't burst my ego might! Kate asked me how long I will be staying at the 'hotel'(quite like this idea) and i think it will be about ten days. Was explaining this to marian and how they wont let me go until the blood bag stops filing up- reminds me of a story of our mother she said; do you remember when she had breast cancer and was in St Georges- well she took the bag with her and went shopping in Tooting market!- probably told the nurses she was going for a little walk; just one of the many stories that kept us laughing over the years.

Had some delusions myself when i was in Kings- getting miffed because there were no chairs for my 'guests'. On hearing this Liz said she would buy me a visitors book so that all my 'guests' could sign in. Misha said this was a good idea eg; came to see you but you were unconcious....came to see you but you were asleep....came to see you and you were still asleep but boy can you fart! I can well imagine some of the other comments- Gemma; came to see you but you were asleep so ive gone shopping down the Kings Rd, Liz; came to see you but you were asleep, even the scent of a peeled orange didn't rouse you- but hey had a great chat with the woman in the bobble hat in the next bed who turned out to be from County Claire!

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