Saturday, 20 November 2010

Operation Update.

Liz again at 12:30 Saturday.
Alison is still in intensive care but on the road to recovery. She is sitting up in bed and chatting away with the Wadley/Romanczuk resiliance and humour we have all come to know and love. She will fill you all in with details of the operation when she is well enough but for the moment it was hailed as a sucess with the removal of a 6-8kg tumour nicknamed Edgar. She was relieved to have the nasal tube removed yesterday and is desperate for some boiled sweets to suck- (much deliberation over whether they should be Wetheralls Origionals or Foxes Glacier)!! Staff in intensive care are looking after her with the utmost dedication and attention to detail and managing to make her as comfortable and pain-free as possible in the circumstances. She sends her love to all and appreciates all the well wishes, prayers, novenas and 'girl you just gotta get better' messages coming her way. It will be awhile before she is able to have visitors but I will try and keep the blog updated with her progress as the days go on.

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