Thursday, 25 November 2010

Home Safe

Alison came home this evening and is back in Elsie Road where she belongs. She is a little fragile but delighted to be back home with Jules and Taigh and all her own things around her. Not sure she was going to be discharged so early she had sent me the following update via her IPhone earlier today to post on her blog:

"Day seven on space station mars...den and feel like I've been run over by a steam roller-not sure where t last six days have gone but enjoyed four days in intensive care unit-told me I had four litres of blood during op and another one overnight. Icu; weird place with glass shop front windows and computers and tv's hanging from the ceiling. Almost expected tom cruise to arrive attached to another cable at the bottom of my it was a personal nurse stared at me for four days inbetwren tinkering with my body via computer link up. Realise now that the staff were trying to keep me there as long as possible as they knew (unlike me) what was coming. I'm on a ward with three other patients all with diff forms of cancer- there are def private rooms nearby but haven't managed to meet any celebraties in the enema queue yet.There seem to be lots of nurses, auxillaries, physios, pain control, etc but they all appear to be running- night time is worse with constant beeping fromachines which you realise are just informing staff about drips and medication stuff and not a sign that someone is about to kick the bucket . Realise that icu full of bright young 20 somethings called eugene- ready to pack their hellicopter bac packs (was I imagining that?) and that this ward is more about middle aged ladies and the trolley shop where noonebuys anything. Been diff doing the blog astpu can umagine do thanks to liz for updating although haven't read yet! I'm soo wooozymost of the time am liable to fall asleep mid sentence...... Sent from my iPhone"

I'll hand the blog back to Alison now and I'm sure she will update you all once she's ready. In the meantime just glad she's home safe and well.x
(posted by Liz 21:10HRS)

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